June is National Safety Month – Let’s Get Motivated for Safety!!

As many of you may or may not be aware injuries are the leading causes of death for Americans ages 1 to 40, but there are many things people can do to stay safe and prevent injuries. All types of jobs can lead to injury, that is why we must always be aware of our surrounding and remind each other to be safe at all times. If you see a co-worker doing something they shouldn’t be doing, stop them and remind them to play it safe and not get injured while they are doing a task. Everyone can get involved in reducing the risk of injuries. Together we can share information about steps people can take to protect themselves and others.

Some examples are: check the expiration date on your prescriptions. If they are out of date, get rid of them! Riding bikes is a great way to get active. Obey traffic laws while riding a bike and wear a helmet.

Texting while driving is unsafe and is illegal in some states. Just don’t do it!

So everyone be safe at all times. So Let’s Get Motivated for Safety!!

Alana Maloney
Safety Coordinator/Business Office Manager

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