Recognizing A Stroke

May 15, 2021 — A stroke happens when a blot clot occurs in an already narrowed blood vessel in the brain. Once that clot occurs, the brain will be deprived of blood and necessary oxygen, causing permanent brain damage to that area. People may have “mini strokes” in which they suffer from the same signs and symptoms but only... Read More

May 26: Senior Health & Fitness Day

May 15, 2021 — National Senior Health & Fitness Day is a nationwide health and fitness event for aging adults. May 26 recognizes the importance of regular physical activity, and highlights what local organizations are doing to improve the health and fitness of older adults in their communities. Seniors need regular exercise to maintain muscle tone, boost endurance and... Read More

National Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April 14, 2021 — April is National Parkinson’s Awareness Month, which helps to increase awareness of Parkinson’s disease in the United States. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the nervous system that affects motor skills. Symptoms can include shaking, slowness of movement, and difficulty walking, with advanced stages usually involving dementia and memory impairment. There currently is no... Read More

Earth Day: Helping the Environment and Ourselves

April 14, 2021 — April 22 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, begun in 1970 and celebrated around the world. Earth Day reminds us of our personal and collective responsibility to preserve and protect our environment. For many the word “environment” means the natural world: the mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, animals, and the air around us. To others,... Read More

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

April 14, 2021 — Feeling emotional and nervous or having trouble sleeping and eating can all be normal reactions to stress. Learning to cope with stress in a healthy way can help make you, the people you care about, and those around you become more resilient. Here are some healthy ways to deal with stress: Take breaks from watching,... Read More

Crochet: An Ideal Craft for People of All Ages

March 5, 2021 — Crocheting has been a favorite craft for generations, and with good reason. Mastering the art of crochet enables you to create wonderful and useable pieces of art, at a very reasonable cost. There is only yarn, a crochet hook, and possibly a crochet pattern. And as a beginner, if you drop a stitch or make... Read More

March is Nutrition Month

March 5, 2021 — Good nutrition makes such an impact in our lives, which is why it is so important! By following these simple tips, good nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult. Your daily diet should include fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, dairy products, meats and other protein-rich foods. How large of a portion you should eat depends upon your caloric... Read More

Holiday Highlights

February 4, 2021 — HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Happy Birthday! Brian enjoyed celebrating his 55th birthday with staff and peers in Delta! They enjoyed pizza, wings, cake and soda.   Christmas Highlights SPDC enjoyed Christmas a little different this year. COVID-19 did not stop us, it just made us change the way we do things. It brought us closer... Read More

New Staff… Moving on UP!!!

February 4, 2021 — Welcome Collen O. to our team. We are pleased to have her join us as 2nd shift supervisor. Congratulations to Desiree T. a long time direct care trainer on becoming a 2nd shift supervisor. Desiree has worked for Sandy Park since 2003. We also would like to welcome Tammy M. our new BOM. She comes... Read More