Nurturing Connections

Nurturing connections to each other, especially intergenerationally, could be one of the most fulfilling pursuits in life. Here are some suggestions for what steps you can take to nurture connections within your life.

  • Pay Attention To Why You Decide To Be AloneOftentimes we may find it refreshing to spend time on your own, but make sure you are not doing so because you are giving into your own insecurities. Most of us have a “critical inner voice” that lures us into self-limiting behavior. The problem is, our inner critic doesn’t have our best interest at heart. Reaching out to our community and connecting can leave us with more clarity and uplift us to improve ourselves in unexpected ways.
  • Be Generous with YourselfThe idea of being generous with ourselves stems from the reality that everyone has insecure moments, and since you wouldn’t hold insecurities against a dear friend, you need to be equally generous with yourself. Reaching out to friends, especially during difficult times, can help plant the seeds of connection.
  • Take Chances on New ActivitiesIt’s never too late to discover a new favorite hobby! Keep an open mind, and try not to default to ‘no’ when someone offers an opportunity to try something new. If you are more of a self-starter, many people find ways to volunteer (especially online) and meet other like-minded new friends in the process. Nourishing that part of ourselves that enjoys experiencing new things and seeks to connect with others can make us feel more vital.
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