Open Letter to Sandy Park Development Center

I have had a family member as a client of Sandy Park Development Center for over ten years. During this time I have come to know the staff and administration well. This caring “family” of people have always gone beyond expectations; the environment is consistently clean, safe and welcoming. Varied growth opportunities are offered and clients receive the utmost care. I continue to be amazed by the talent and attitude exhibited at this center. From the time you enter you feel the real love provided to the clients. Family members are seen as part of the team and encouraged to participate in the centers various events. The dietary staff develop and present special meals for the clients regularly that would be found in five star restaurants. The medical staff interacts with each client with attention to detail and observation that all needs are being met.

This center has truly earned the right to be proud of a job always well done, and I’m pleased the State of Florida agrees by giving a deficiency free recognition to them in 2018. I thank Dr. Janet James for her leadership and her team for all that they do.

Melinda Priest

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