Pay it Forward

Resident Jojo and Kathleen and Brian Ballou

Ever lose your phone and think you’re never going to find it? Well that’s what this couple Kathleen and Brian Ballou believed. They were visiting some family here in North Fort Myers and lost their phone at the park. Well thankfully, our very own Jojo found it and turned it in to our staff members. After some research from our PSD Kara and our HR Director, Manny we were able to call some of Kathleen’s family and get the phone returned to them. The couple Mr. and Mrs. Ballou were more than thankful that we were able to get them their phone back, they even met Jojo herself. We just want to thank all involved for returning this phone!

We would like to thank this wonderful family for sending Jojo and her Alpha mates some delicious chocolates. They were also so generous in sending a gift to the staff as well. We hope to see them next time they are here in Southwest Florida.

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